Sportsmetrics™ is the scientifically proven program designed by Cincinnati SportsMedicine and Orthopaedic Center that can reduce your risk of injury and enhance your performance.

Sportsmetrics™ is a comprehensive jump training program that combines plyometrics, strength training and flexibility.  It is the only scientifically proven program that reduces the risk of knee injury, increases jump power and improves leg strength for sports like soccer, basketball and volleyball that involve pivoting, cutting or jumping. This is an excellent program for both girls and boys!

Summer Training Program

Don’t end up on the sidelines this season! Join us this summer for our Injury Prevention and Sports Performance Summer Training Program! Program highlights:

  • Decreases your chances of tearing your ACL by nearly 40%!
  • June 28 through August 5
  • Offered for athletes in 5th grade through 12 grade
  • 18 total Sportsmetrics™ workouts with 3 available session times
  • 30 minutes per week with an MH&F Certified Nutritionist
  • 1:6 athlete to trainer ratio

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