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McKenna graduated from Messiah University in 2017 with a dual bachelors’ degree in nutrition and exercise science and went on to complete the dietetic internship and Master’s in Business Administration program through Messiah after this. She currently holds credentials as a board certified sports dietitian, ACSM exercise physiologist, and NSCA strength and conditioning specialist. She has utilized these skillsets with a variety of populations over the past 6 years, from children to masters athletes and everything in between. Having played high school soccer, competed in collegiate track and field as a sprinter/hurdler, and now racing Ironman triathlons, she has enjoyed growing her experience through her own personal athletic endeavors as well. She has a passion for equipping people to confidently fuel their bodies so as to maximize their longevity, performance, and overall well-being. As a dietitian, she is able to consider the impact of various medical conditions on nutritional needs and evaluate lab work so as to more thoroughly individualize her clients’ nutrition plans.

Areas of Expertise

Eating disorders

Food allergies, intolerance

Body composition 





Inflammatory bowel disease

Irritable bowel syndrome


Vegetarian/vegan diets

Endurance athletes