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Mary's Health & fitness

Adult Small
Group Classes

Our small group classes offer circuit-style training for a full-body workout, enhancing strength and conditioning. Led by a Certified Personal Trainer, these classes provide expert programming, creativity, and motivation in a group setting. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, modifications are available to suit your needs. Classes, with 6-10 participants, are scheduled on various days and times for convenience.

One on One
Personal Training

One-on-one personal training gives you the opportunity to work directly with a Certified Personal Trainer, to tailor a customized workout plan that is focused directly on your strengths and weaknesses to obtain the best results for your individual needs and fitness goals. Each one-on-one session, not only provides that best workout for you, but also provides exercise education, accountability, emotional support, individualized fitness instruction, and motivation! Customization of your schedule also allows you to have your sessions fit into your daily routines for the most accountability!


Small Group Training

Our Small Group Training packages are designed to accommodate groups from 2-4 people, for semi private training sessions with a Certified Personal Trainer. The small group training allows for a more focused, tailored, individualized training experience, for everyone in the group. Your small group will help you stay motivated, accountable, and help you achieve your fitness goals! Small Group Training allows each group the freedom to customize their schedule to desired days/times. Come with a group of friends or have us personally select the perfect group for you!

POST Physical Therapy TRAINING

After successfully completing your post-surgery physical therapy, let us guide you through the next steps of your recovery journey. We will meet with your Physical Therapist to discuss your background, records, programming, progression, and goals, to create an individualized roadmap to keep you on the right path that is going to gain you strength and even more progression through your healing process. Our partnership with your Physical Therapist is an ideal transition to a successful recovery!