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Mary's Training Center
hockey gold astroturf Field

Welcome to our Turf Rental Services! Whether you're a sports team, fitness group, or event organizer, our state-of-the-art turf facility offers the perfect space for your activities.

Our turf rental services provide a versatile and adaptable environment suitable for a wide range of activities, including soccer, football, lacrosse, field hockey, agility training, and more. With a meticulously maintained playing surface, and ample space, our facility ensures optimal performance and safety for participants of all levels.

Our convenient location and flexible scheduling options make it easy to plan practices, games, tournaments, and special events according to your needs.

Whether you're training for competition, hosting a practice, or organizing a corporate team-building event, our turf rental services provide the ideal setting to elevate your experience. Our friendly staff is dedicated to ensuring your rental process is seamless from start to finish, offering support and assistance every step of the way. Experience the difference of training and playing on top-quality turf. 

EMAIL to reserve your spot today and unlock the potential of our premier facility for your next event or activity!

Underwater, Anti-Gravity Treadmill

The Hydroworx Underwater Treadmill is a cutting-edge rehabilitation and fitness solution that helps individuals see immediate rehabilitative results while carrying as little as 0% of their body weight underwater. Hydroworx combines the benefits of buoyancy and resistance to provide a low-impact yet highly effective workout experience. With adjustable water levels and treadmill speed settings, users can customize their workout intensity while enjoying the therapeutic properties of water.

The underwater treadmill offers a unique environment that minimizes stress on joints and muscles, making it ideal for individuals recovering from injury, surgery, or managing chronic conditions such as arthritis. The buoyancy of water reduces body weight, allowing for pain-free movement and enhanced range of motion. Whether you’re looking to rehabilitate an injury, improve cardiovascular health, or enhance athletic performance, the Hydroworx Underwater Treadmill offers unparalleled versatility and effectiveness.

NormaTec Pants
Compression Pants

The NormaTec Pants are a revolutionary recovery tool designed to enhance muscle recovery and circulation post-exercise.

Utilizing advanced pneumatic compression technology, the NormaTec Pants feature inflatable chambers that deliver dynamic compression to the legs, thighs, and hips. This sequential pulse technology mimics the natural muscle pump of the body, helping to flush out metabolic waste products, reduce inflammation, and improve circulation to accelerate recovery.

Whether you’re an athlete looking to recover faster between training sessions, a traveler seeking relief from leg swelling and discomfort, or someone managing circulatory issues, the NormaTec Pants offer a convenient and effective solution for enhancing recovery and overall well-being.

Experience the benefits of professional-grade compression therapy with the NormaTec Pants and discover a faster, more efficient way to recover and rejuvenate your body.

Multipurpose Room
Game Film, Meetings, Activities & More

Our versatile multi-purpose room is designed to accommodate a wide range of activities and occasions. Whether you're hosting a business meeting, yoga class, or community event, our spacious and customizable room provides the ideal setting for your needs.

Featuring ample natural light, and modern amenities, our multi-purpose room offers a welcoming and adaptable environment. With flexible seating arrangements you can configure the space to suit your specific requirements.

Our rental package includes access to essential amenities such as tables, chairs, AV equipment, and high-speed internet, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for you and your guests. 

Book our Multi-Purpose Room Rental today and turn your vision into reality. Let us help you create memorable moments in our versatile space.

EMAIL to inquire about availability, pricing, and additional services!