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Mary’s Health and Fitness (MHF) is a boutique personal training business that thrives on creating deep connections with clients to enable them to reach their next fitness goal, whatever it is.  Our clients’ goals vary greatly, but our professionally certified staff is capable of enabling you to reach your fitness goal no matter what it is – post Physical Therapy Training, gaining strength, preventing a fall, or qualifying for the Olympics, we do it all. MHF clients span all ages from under 10 to over 80 and our training staff individually tailors every workout for the client. MHF is not a gym – every workout involves a certified trainer who will build a relationship with you to encourage you and keep you accountable to reaching your goals.

Mary’s Health and Fitness (MHF) started in 2014 by simply offering classes in a grass field in Hershey, PA. These classes grew quickly and required renting a space and ultimately purchasing the first MHF studio in Hummelstown in 2016.  Business continued to grow from positive client results and even better client experiences, and MHF purchased a new studio in Hershey in 2020.  After purchasing the Hershey studio and despite the pandemic, the MHF client base nearly quadrupled, with significant growth coming in the youth athlete demographic leading to MHF once again outgrowing its space.

In 2024, we opened Mary’s Training Center (MTC) which is a 40,000sq ft Athlete Training Center to cater towards our athlete population.  MTC is a one-stop-shop for everything an athlete needs – turf, weight room, recovery, nutrition, sports psychology, tutoring, and more.  The MHF studio in Hershey will continue to operate as usual and support our core clientele while MTC will cater towards our athlete population, but don’t worry, our adult members will have the options to take classes at MTC as well.

Behind MHF and MTC is Mary herself.  Mary Schaefer Driscoll grew up in Hershey, graduating from HHS in 2000 where she was a standout field hockey player and captain.  She continued her field hockey career at Penn State and played in the 2002 National Championship game.  Mary graduated in 2004 with a degree in Kinesiology and started personal training.  On the side, Mary became a NCAA D1 Field Hockey Umpire and reached the top ranks as an international umpire, traveling all over the world with the best field hockey players. On top of all of Mary’s activities, Mary and her husband, Will, have 3 teenage kids.


Empowering individuals of all backgrounds to achieve their health and fitness goals through personalized training and sustainable practices. Our dedicated team creates a clean and professional environment, guiding clients towards attainable yet challenging milestones, while equipping them with the knowledge to maintain their progress.


We will create an elite fitness experience for each client by delivering dynamic and challenging programs tailored to their unique goals. Our growth will continue as more clients will turn to us as they pursue a lifelong commitment to getting fit and staying fit.


Committed, Professional, Empowerment, Passionate, Positive, Supportive